Who are we?

The Anand Low Price Group  is a highly diversified business comprised of fourteen subsidiaries, spanning 5 industries: Retail, Food & Drink, Fitness, Hospitality, and Real Estate.

The Anand Low Price Group has been in operation for more than forty years and has since grown to employ over five hundred people. Our continued longevity in the business field across a broad selection of markets is made possible by our ability to quickly adapt to the continually changing needs and wants of our diverse clientele. Our customers and even our industry peers have come to expect high levels of professionalism and reliability from The Anand Low Price Group. 

We continually invest in staying ahead of change, innovating to ensure we can continue doing what we do in better, more efficient ways.

Finding ways to give back the community is critical to us, especially in the present; a time when businesses are rightly held to ever higher standards of accountability and sustainability.

A special focus of ours in this regard is on the nurturing and development of our staff. We aim to offer rewarding careers that enable employees at every level in our company to reach their full potentials within safe, inclusive environments - irrespective of their race, gender, orientation, culture or creed. Their resultant dedication and professionalism underpin our success.

“Achievement did not come about with hard work but by working smart.”


Delivering quality, consistent service and products in any field we enter or operate in, while enriching the lives of both our customers and employees.


Our Group operates directly in five industries: Retail, Food & Drink, Fitness, Hospitality, and Real Estate.


To become the premier business group operating in Trinidad and Tobago.

Examine Our Roots

Our History

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; likewise, our journey spanning forty plus years, taking us across five industry sectors and countless like-minded individuals began in 1976 when Sakunti Ramnarine Singh established a small retail shop in Fyzabad, Trinidad.

Opened using just $2000 of capital acquired through the sale of her jewelry and prized cow, as well as small loans, this shop was run by family members and eventually by her young son, Anand Ramnarine Singh. Anand, CEO of the now-multi-million-dollar conglomerate, studied machine shop at school (a field which he ill-enjoyed) and helped in the shop when he graduated.

Eventually as more funds were acquired, with his winning combination of enthusiasm, imagination and integrity, he then further expanded the business by opening a mid-sized retail store on Uriah Butler Junction in Fyzabad. It was thus that the name Anand Low Price was born.

Sales quickly surpassed expectations; Anand wasn’t capable of handling the dramatic increase in work on his own so invited his elder brother Dianan to join him. Together they worked tirelessly, through what sometimes seemed like endless hours to get the job done. Unfortunately, just two years after Dianan joined the business, he tragically passed away in an accident.

Anand then made it his mission to continue the family business and develop it to the diversified conglomerate it is today. The Anand Low Price Group’s success was mainly derived from continuously reinvesting in properties which turned into commercial businesses and stock which appreciated tremendously over the years.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

In each and every one of our businesses, we uphold the highest standards of professionalism. Our staff are offered equitable, safe, and healthy workplaces, the ideal environment to foster their career development. We pursue operational excellence in everything we do, priding ourselves on being forward-looking, innovative and original. These qualities are the foundation of our success and vital to our long-term sustainability.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives, therefore reflect our commitment to be good Corporate Citizens. We achieve this by promoting the well-being of each employee, fostering the growth of our culture, supporting community initiatives and by raising awareness on cancer and healthy living.

Our community initiatives in the past have included charitable giving to Venezuelan Refugees and to children's homes, as well as events such as our annual Divali Celebrations and Easter Parade. We also hold customer appreciation days at most of our businesses including gyms and supermarkets.